Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Facebook Message to Business: Shut Your Pie Hole

Facebook closed for your business

Facebook Will Close For Your Business January 2015

For years now we have enjoyed the FREEness of the Facebook playground. We had the advantage of promoting and advertising our businesses or venues to 1.3 billion people without spending a dime! Facebook Ads were merely a way to add to our followers... or appear in the sideline as a 'call to action.'

2014 will definately go down as the year Facebook kicked us in the proverbial ass. Our reach went down to 2% (if you're lucky) of our audience. They reduced our memes (pictures) to 20% text. It literally became 'pay to play.'

(hint: it's not your business)

It's over folks... Facebook will reduce the visability of any post it deems 'Salesy' (is that a word?) In other words no one will see if you "ask to purchase", the features and benefits of your wonderful product, any call to action will now be reduced in the "already too expensive to advertise" timeline.

And the worst part... they're probably right!

Let me explain:
I own a Karaoke company and we have shows nightly in local bars. We party a lot and have a pretty good time. We're enjoying each others company and the atmosphere isgreat.

Then it happens...

Here comes John with a new business venture and starts telling me he wants to promote it through my Social Media channels. He's wondering about his Facebook Page setup, his Google+ presence... yada yada yada.

Not only didn't I want to hear it... I could barely understand it. (Did I say I work in bars?) But none the less... on and on he went.

I wasn't there to work my Social Media Business... I was there to sing some songs and enjoy the company. Flirt with the girls half my age and pretend they like me. The last thing I needed was listening to John and his business.


Think of the Facebook timeline and why people are there. Pretty pictures... funny cat videos... who's doing what to whom... and the latest drama from Aunt Sue.They're not there to hire a specialist, buy a house, or listen to you spout off about the great opportunity for your MLM of the week.

Those of us who are old enough to remember the MySpace experience can tell you...
MySpace was a way better platform than Facebook will ever be! It was like having a mini webpage all about you. Just as easy to interact as Facebook, but totally customizable to your personality and feature rich.

Alas... the marketers (aka spammers) took over and we all rushed to Facebook where you could connect without being intruded upon. Facebook was really lacking (IMHO)... but it had a bright, new fresh design albeit boring.

Facebook doesn't want history to repeat itself.

There's a wave of teens already abandoning the platform. And just like MySpace... in Facebook's eyes... we'll be following them soon enough unless they clean up the Time Line.

At the same time... Facebook has stated it will not reduce the number of Paid Ads you will see in the Time Line... it's just that the real estate value will go up exponentially. (The price of poker has just gone up)

What does that mean for Social Media Marketers?

You can always buy Facebook Ads... but other than that you need a plan of action to reach people congruent with Facebook's new algorithm.

Your plan will have to be precise and targeted.
Be careful of what you say... or Facebook won't show it.
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Cheers To All!
"Top Hat" Terry
Social Media Phoenix