Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Big Buck Blogging

Blogging Doesn't Cost A Dime

Just Follow These Simple Steps

1. Set Up Your Blog For Free

You don't need to be a web savvy techie to create a blog. Just head over to
It's easy, it's free and they have dozens of templates to get the look and feel you want.
Decide on a topic your passionate about, choose a name and click Create. Your done!

2. Google Will Pay You! 

Create an AdSense Account at Choose the types of ads you wish to display.
Google will provide you with complete instructions on how to enter them into your blog, and they'll take care of the rest.
Every time someone clicks one of those ads Google will share it's revenue with you. Gotta love it!

3. Affiliate Marketing

This is where crazy money can be made. There are many affiliate sites out there, but the best known is Amazon.
Set up a free Amazon Affiliate Account, and once again, they'll set up the code, display it on your Blog. When someone clicks and buys from Amazon, they'll give you a share of their profits. (Usually about 3 - 6%) 

You don't want to fill your page full of links, you want to sprinkle them around. Plus they should be products and services that support the topic of your Blog for the best click through rates.

4. Build Your Following

We all want hundreds of thousands of people to start engaging with our blog. We at Social Media Phoenix have built a team of people just like you and I to create traffic and engagement from Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and the rest.
And the best part, it only takes less than an hour per day.

Whether you want to Blog daily, weekly or monthly, we will show you how and where to get the Perfect Content for your posts. Click our logo below to see what we do. 
Plus register for our Free Webinar.

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