Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Introducing Facebook Save!

Facebook SaveDon’t you just love it when you’re watching your Facebook News Feed… something catches your eye… and off it goes spinning down your timeline like a Duncan Top.

Fear no more! Within the next few weeks Facebook is rolling out to Android, iOS and yes… your desk top.

It’s a bookmarking feature that will allow you to view the content later. There will be a ‘Saved’ button on the left side of your News Feed, and you’ll be able to watch all those funny videos, share the pictures, and plagiarize the best comments you can find.

The reasoning is simple… Facebook doesn’t want you to leave the site to find the content later. Instead of saving content to your Google Drive, Pocket, various note savers and even it’s own Pinterest… you’ll be able to stay on FB and watch, copy, or share it later. We all remember how well being all inclusive worked for AOL… don’t we.

But the bigger benefit to Facebook is you’ll be able to book mark Places as well… view menus and other features… and write reviews once you’re done. ( Better watch out Yelp ) Surprised smile

Facebook Save1


So watch your timeline… there’s a new ‘Save Button’ coming soon.

More info here:

New Facebook Save Button