Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Facebook Forces You To Use Messaging App

Who Didn't See This One Coming?

Facebook is deleting the messaging capabilities from it's Android and iOS applications, forcing you to download its priority Messaging App.

Facebook messaging goes "EXTREME"

In a move that should surprise no one Facebook is taking the messaging capabilities of it's standard app out, and forcing iOS and Android users to download it's battery hogging Facebook Messenger.

Notifications have already started going out for you to download it now... and you'll continue to receive them for about 2 weeks before the next Facebook App update.

Now users, who don't like the drain on their phones, will be forced to use the Mobile Web, or one of the many apps that do, in order to keep their messaging activity.

Facebook claims that it's app is too bulky, and wants it trimmed down.

Facebook has become a cash cow... it is monetizing every aspect of it's Social Media platform.
Watch for paid messaging in the future. IMHO


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