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Social Media on a budget.
Social Media Marketing On A Budget


Welcome To

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Thank you for attending our class... I hope you found it useful. 

Don't forget the Social Sales Funnel.
The most important statistic is over 90% of us will give up on Social Media Marketing because we'll forget it's the beginning and not the end.

Social Media is used to introduce you to the world and make you the EXPERT for your product and/or service... It is not a means to Sell anything. (That will come later)

We will show you the most important ways to start your Engagement.
Social Media Phoenix Sales Funnel
Social Media Phoenix Sales Funnel

1. Get more Likes, Comments & Shares on Facebook & all Social Media.

2. Drive them to your Google+ for additional engagement.

3. The selling cycle begins with your blog and finally to your website.

And the best part... our group shares and recommends your business all along the way every week.


We have a Secret Group on Facebook. "Social Media Phoenix Class"
On Sunday Night I post an assignment... it may be to share your Facebook Page post to Google+.  Or perhaps we go to your blog to make a comment. You, in turn, go to ours and do the same thing. I think you have the idea.

During the week

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  1. Create a Facebook Business Page if you haven't done so already. Don't worry if it appears to be a mess... we're going to fix that.
  2. Create a Google+ Profile and Business Page as well. Make sure your Google+ Business Page has an address... even if it's a PO Box for now. We'll take care of that later.
  3. Create a Blog (Blogger) and a You Tube Channel. I use Blogger because I believe Google indexes it quicker. If you use another like Word Press that's fine. There's even settings that will import and export to Blogger... so no worries.
It's all pretty simple stuff... and if you run into any challenges Members are always free to call, text or email me for help.

Once You Have Subscribed

We will arrange for a Team Viewer Session. This is online software that will allow me to go in and optimize your Facebook or Google+ business page. We figure out how to best present you and your business.
It takes about a half hour, and you must be on your computer.

Try not to miss any of our classes on Monday nights at 6 PM. Things are changing so quickly you always want to keep up to date.

We'll also show you how to post from your blog to Facebook, and it will look as attractive as any Facebook Ad there. Plus it can lead to a call to action... and it won't cost you a dime! (Just like this blog post)

STOP spending money on Social Media programs, web masters, lead generators, SEO programs etc. etc.  We'll analyze these as a group, and if there's any value, we can all chip in and get it as a group. 


Feel free to call, text or email me.
"Top Hat" Terry

Welcome To Social Media Phoenix


It's going to be a great trip.


Annual Members have 6 months to pay with 0% interest.

Please note: Statement info will say BizarreMart (my personal company)

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Social Media Phoenix Review